Wú’s Teatrillu goes to Hell

Several members of the Wú Collective (http://wucollective.com) took part in an interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, on May 17, 2014, at the old Fabra i Coats textile factory. We were invited by Barcelona’s Insectotròpics theatre troupe (http://www.insectotropics.com), to form one small part of a motley collection of multidisciplinary artists (including the musicians of Za!, sculptors, video artists, painters, dancers, actors and more!) bringing Dante’s text to life.

We used our home-grown Teatrillu (http://wucollective.com/?p=44) software, with design of the content (simple cutouts, for this performance) created by illustrator Riki Blanco (http://www.rikiblanco.net). Simple stop-motion and other types of animation were performed live at the venue, although this video doesn’t show the workflow. We also used other Teatrillu effects and custom behaviours (like the «swirly money-world», or floaty cloud-like objects that could «rain» down miniature versions of themselves).

This is a compilation of various short movie clips I recorded as we voyaged through the nine circles of hell (over five hours of performance!). The audio and video quality aren’t great — mostly recorded from the laptop screen with a compact camera, but it gives a vague idea of what we were up to that evening…

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